This is the “Last Post”.

Hi guys,

now don’t form images of some broken down bugler from F-troop trying to form the notes from a tin whistle, this is actually my last post on this site ‘Mybroom’. It’s coming up to a year since I completed my 365 days of Renewing The Mind, and my dashboard is telling me that on 20 December this site will expire unless I renew it… and guess what? I’m not going to! I’ve decided to keep my focus on book writing and bible study and see where that leads.

So my good friends from around the world, it’s so-long! See you in glory! Enjoy your life in Him!

And also; thanks for dropping by. Have a great Christmas with friends, loved ones, family and Jesus.

I don’t want to completely loose contact with you my cyber-friends, and so will send out a weekly (if I’m disciplined) email update. Going forward this will be my means of discussion of the vast subject of ‘Christ and Him crucified’ – and anyone who receives the email can enter into the conversation across the airwaves.

I have been in email contact with some of you over the duration and will ask you direct if you want to be on the mailing list, but I also wanted to make the offer to anyone who has found ‘Mybroom’ helpful and would like to continue the journey. If so; you can respond with a comment to this post within the next 5 days, or email me direct at

This has been a great ride for me… thank you all (yes, all)!!

cheers, Graeme


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‘Hardwired To Christ’ is a book at last.

Hardwired to Christ_COVER_final-2Regulars to this site will be aware that last year I posted everyday about Renewing our Minds. In itself it has been a great experience to write daily about the adventure of ‘Christ in me’ ~ and the adventure has continued into 2013 as I ground my way through the process of getting 366 blog posts compiled into a daily devotional book.

Well I’m pleased to say that the task is complete and the book now exists in both softback and e-book format. Thankyou to so many of you that encouraged me in this venture. I appreciate so much that you kept pushing (gently), because the outcome of holding a book that reflects my journey with Christ, complete with a glossy cover & 423 pages is very gratifying.

It’s been a process that went differently than I expected, but along the way I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge which I am happy to share with anyone embarking on a similar journey. I chose the option of using a relatively small Australian publisher to edit, sub-edit, design the cover and format for print and electronic publishing. In effect; I paid for their expertise, which has meant that the exercise has been more costly than if you do it all yourself, but I didn’t make as many mistakes that way.

There are still some formatting glitches to resolve, but effectively it’s pretty much as I hoped. For instance; the sub-editor couldn’t cope with my spelling of satan with a lower case ‘s’ ~ and a range of other little issues that will get sorted in due course… like sentences that stop and then start again in the next paragraph. I know you wont judge me on the basis of my formatting, you were all so gracious during 2012 as the posts unfolded daily ~ I don’t think anyone corrected my oft spelling & punctuation mistakes.

I would like to offer you all a free copy ~ but alas I can’t afford that… sorry ~ so if you feel so inclined, you can purchase it by visiting for an electronic copy. It can be downloaded from Smashwords in any of the electronic formats including Kindle, Sony, i-pad and even a PDF version that can be read straight off your computer monitor. I haven’t gotten it onto Amazon yet, still a bit of tweeking to do there, so if you have a kindle it can be downloaded onto your computer first and then transfered across to your kindle by plugging in your USB lead. You will need to open a Smashwords account (which is free) to enable you to get the book.

If you would like a print copy I will post it to you as it wont be available in stores for now ~ (that is a route that was way beyond me).  The cost of the print version is $19.99, plus postage of $5.00 in Australia, and $10.00 in any other country. I’m sorry the cost is so high but I am absorbing the greater share of both print and postage in these prices. 

The way to do this is by using Paypal (you will need to open a Paypal account if you don’t already have one) , here’s the process… log in to your Paypal account ~ click on the tab ‘send money’ ~ in the ‘to’ field enter my email address ~ enter the $ amount, including postage ~ then click on ‘pay for goods or services’ ~ and then press ‘continue’ ~ then click on ‘choose shipping address’ and enter your postal address for delivery ~ finalize payment by clicking on ‘send money’. (If you are in Australia pay in $AU, all other countries pay in $US).

Some of you have gone beyond my expectations and requested a signed copy of the book ~ if you would like me to do that (or Angela) just email me at

I apologise if this has all become something of a commercial exercise for you, I really dont want anyone to feel in anyway pressured to buy the book ~ I dont want this to become all about me, when it’s really all about Christ ~ you know what I mean.

If you do get a chance to read it feel free to add a review on Smashwords ~ and please give me your feedback, good, bad and indifferent.

I’m going to continue posting about ‘Christ in me’ on my new site drop in and say hello.

cheers, Graeme


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Can I tell you about my book and new blog?

Those of you who dropped in to Mybroom over the course of 2012 will be aware that I posted everyday on the subject of ‘Renewing the Mind’. I asked a question everyday that attempted to identify a characteristic of an un-renewed mind, or a way of thinking that has grown out of the culture we call Christianity ~ (rather than the actual work of Christ itself) ~ and renew that thinking in-line with the work of Christ.

Over the course of the year I enjoyed many conversations with fellow bloggers from around the world, your names have become very familiar and for many of you I can put a face to your name through your Gravatar image. You have been very encouraging and generous with your comments over the year for which I am truly thankful. Some of you went so far as to suggest ‘Mybroom’ should be formatted into a book. That seemed a bit of a stretch at first, but as the year drew to a close it seemed to gain some traction in my own thinking, and also my wife Angela’s.

On finishing the final post and signing off I indicated my intention to see if it could be made to happen. I then set about the long process of editing and re-editing 366 posts each about 500 words long. It turned out to be a task that involved over 160,000 words (about the same number of words as the New Testament) ~ at the same time I began pitching the manuscript to various publishers.

It is so pleasing to say that Arkhouse Press, a Christian publisher out of Sydney Australia will be publishing the book under the title “Hardwired to Christ” in both softback and e-book format. The cover design is complete, sub-editing almost done and first draft due any day, then after final tweeking its off to the printer, and to Amazon for e-book publishing ~ I will keep you posted when it’s available.

I chose the title “Hardwired to Christ” as it seemed to best describe the golden thread of ‘Christ in me’ that passed through my posts.

I’m ready to re-join the blogosphere again now that all this is almost wrapped up. I chose the name “Hardwired to Christ” for my new blog also, it can be found at I hope you will drop by and say hello (maybe even stay for a coffee Kenny). I wont post daily this time, but will post at least weekly in an attempt to de-mystify the greatest mystery of all ~ “Christ in me”. I have also joined the world of facebook under the name “Hardwired to Christ”  feel free to visit … one new form of technology per year is about my limit (blogging last year, facebook this year).

cheers, Graeme


 (click on the above link to get a peek at the book cover)


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Q363 “when does hope become faith?”

Faith is such an illusive truth ~ it waves its promises in our faces ~ it beacons us with the anticipation of “a new way to live” ~ yet so few live the life it promises, so few discover the deep currents of the Spirit.

Sure we grasp the gift of salvation, the beauty of Christ, the wonder of His love ~ yet “the life of faith” seems to elude our grasp…. to the extend that many settle for its counterpart “a life of hope”. Hope in itself is a good thing, in fact; it is the forerunner to faith ~ but it isn’t faith, and never can be.

Hope springs from the heart of man, faith springs from the heart of God.

There is a generally accepted notion that “living by faith” is immediately ours when we turn to Christ ~ that by leaving behind the old life of faithlessness we automatically become its opposite, “filled with faith”. It’s not so, our salvation is simply that we have ‘stepped into God’s faithfulness’, the life of faith now awaits us… if we can discover its unique rhythms.

It’s not that God is hiding the ‘way of faith’ from us, that He has deliberately made it hard to find ~ its just that it can’t be found when we search for it with our earth glasses on. We need to put on our heaven glasses (like night vision glasses), we can only find it with the eyes of the heart, the vision of the inner man.

Many Christians repeat spiritual truths (they have all of the correct information) ~ but this information hasn’t become revelation because it is still perceived from an earthly perspective. Earth glasses turn spiritual truths into hope, the eyes of the heart turn spiritual truths into faith. And all because of one thing ~ hope, seeks the method for converting spiritual information into reality ~ faith, declares the spiritual information is already reality.

Hope says, “what must I do to receive this spiritual truth”. Faith says, “I have this spiritual truth because of what Christ did“.

In many circles this ‘hope thinking’ masquerades as faith so well, that many folk believe it is faith…. but it isn’t. We can dress-up hope with spiritual talk and rhetoric, we can cloth it with all of the garb of faith so that many people are impressed ~ but it’s still just earth-based ambition.

While hope is attempting to get God’s attention, faith is soaring on the wings of the Spirit… hope seeks while faith rests.

In the end it comes down to this ;

Hope attempts to engage God in the issues of life, it tries to activate spiritual truths through its own resources, it strives to pull the work of Christ into the drama of earth.

Faith declares that God became engaged in the issues of life 2000 years ago, the truths of the Spirit were activated when Christ shed His blood for us, every issue of the earth was nailed to the cross with Christ ~ the drama is hidden in Him not in me.

… such sweet rest, in the work of Christ.



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Q349 “do the flesh and the spirit agree?”

Many Christians spend their entire lives uncertain of their salvation, always examining the depth of their repentance, the validity of their decision and the substance of their belief. This is a dilemma that can’t be resolved by self-examination, there will always be weaknesses in our response to God, there will always be areas of our lives that need to be worked on.

The only way we can ever put this dilemma to rest once-and-for-all, is to examine the work of Christ instead of examining ourselves ~ after all, God examines the work of Christ when He looks at our weakness and sin, and is satisfied in His examination.

If the assurance of our salvation depended on our part in the process, it would always be found lacking. We come stumbling and bumbling out of the kingdom of darkness (when viewed from the perspective of our response, conviction, and determination)… when we view this event from the viewpoint of the work of Christ it is robust, bold, and rock-solid.

God never left anything to chance when He set about the task of saving us, He didn’t provide for a 50/50 transaction, (50% His work on the cross, and 50% our belief) ~ He didn’t establish the work of salvation on such a precarious foundation (the vagaries of mankind’s response), He placed the entire task upon the shoulders of Christ ~ there was no measurement of our response or determination to change our lifestyle involved…. all that was required was that we gaze upon the sacrifice of Christ and accept it, say ‘Yes thankyou’ to it.

The flesh wants us to swing the spotlight back on to ‘the evidence of conversion’ ~ the flesh has determined that if we are saved then an obvious change of lifestyle will be visible…

The trouble is that; the flesh was not born again – the spirit was ~ it is not for the flesh to determine the evidence of a work of the Spirit, the flesh doesn’t know what to look for ~ in fact; very often changes to lifestyle wrought by the flesh are short-lived and superficial. The flesh is a doubter, the flesh measures degrees of change and always comes up short, the flesh is always cynical about the work of the Spirit.

The Spirit on the other hand speaks to us daily of the accomplishments of the blood of Christ ~ the Spirit waits for us to get to the end of our self-effort and determination, the Spirit patiently waits for us to throw our hands up in despair and declare “I can’t do it, I can’t live a life worthy of the blood of Christ, I can’t make my lifestyle reflect the life of Christ” at that point the Spirit is able to show us another way, He begins to instruct us in the ways of the Spirit… that uniquely Christian rest known as; “Christ in me“.

Philippians 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure”… the Spirit says place your confidence in the sacrifice of Christ, and watch me work the works of God through you.



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Q316 “when is repentance sin?”

Repentance is hailed by legalists as the last, best, good work. When they have run out of rules and regulations and have to concede that the old covenant is over, they wave the repentance flag in the desperate hope that someone will remain bogged down in the mire of the law to keep them company.

What exactly is repentance ? Repentance is a change of heart – a turning in the opposite direction – a letting go of the old, to embrace the new. It is to believe in something you previously didn’t. It’s turning toward Jesus.

What is not repentance ? A heart that wants to please God by its remorse. A determination to walk away from sin. A committment to live a more honourable life. A decision of the will to do better. It’s not turning toward my self own improvement.

There is only one last, best, good work ~ the death and resurrection of Christ in payment for our sin debt, we do not participate in the process, nor do we do anything that brings us into God’s favour. Prior to becoming Christians we were dead in our sins, dead people can’t be remorseful, make commitments, or decide to follow God. All dead people can do is be brought back to life, repentance is simply the acknowledgement that Christ breathed new life into us at the cross “I no longer live but Christ lives in me”.

Repentance has nothing to do with how you intend to live now that you’ve chosen to believe, but is has everything to do with realizing that Christ purchased your freedom from sin, death and satan ~ and accepting this new condition.

Repentance becomes sin when we shift the focus off the work of Christ and onto the work of myself, (my decision to do better). Repentance is all about Jesus, and not at all about me.  When I shift the spotlight on to my own effort to respond, my own choice to live better, my own ambition to give it all ~ then I am entering into a work of the flesh, and every work of the flesh has it’s origin in sin.

I guess that’s the tragedy of it all ~ repentance is supposed to be all about realizing the wonder of Christ and falling into His grace and love, unfortunately legalists have turned repentance into a work of man ~ the result being that many Christians remain bound-up by the law, too scared to trust in the goodness of Christ alone to lift them out of the mire of sin.

The sin of repentance is the compulsive need of mankind to do something for himself. The grace of repentance is the realization we can do nothing for ourselves, so we fall into the goodness of the cross of Christ. Our repentance is not a gesture we offer God ~ but a gift He offers us.

It reminds me of the time Jesus dressed-down the Pharisees for keeping the people under bondage in Matt. 23:15 “…you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are”  –   sobering stuff…



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Q301 “what is the one thing God can’t do as well as me?”

That question got your attention ~ what could God possibly not be good at ? ~ He is omniscient after all, all-powerful ~ and I am just plain old mortal me.

Yet there is one thing that I can do better than God, much better in fact… 100 times better… 1 million times better !!

I can remember my sins.

I have a hopeless memory, I need to write notes to myself, I need to ask my wife questions about stuff that happened – all the time, I need to ask people what their name was – again. Sometimes my wife will ask me ” do you remember a certain event that happened last year” and I scratch my head and try really hard to remember it, but I can’t find it in my head… and I don’t remember all my sins either.

But God is even worse at remembering my sins than I am ~ Heb. 8:12 “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” In fact, God can’t remember any of my sins ~ not just the small ones, or the old ones ~ He can’t remember any, even the really big, recent ones ~ and here’s the real kicker, He has forgotten tomorrows sins even before I committed them.

Now, we know that God has been around for a long time, but this memory loss has nothing to do with the aging process. It’s actually a characteristic that is unique to God, it is connected to His creative ability (by His word He can create anything) ~ and by His word He can un-create anything (it’s reverse-creation). That’s why in Isaiah 43:25 He says; “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more”.

What we have created, God has un-created ~ that’s how He is able to forget it, because He has un-created it, (as if it never existed). Whatever God blots-out is fully-blotted… trust me – nothing, no-one, no sin, can stand against His blotting-out power. He can create out of nothing ~ and He can un-create back to nothing ~ that’s blotting out.

Now, imagine you are in prayer and a sin committed pops into your mind, so you say to God; “before we go on, I just want to confess a sin to you” ~ God scratches His head and tries really hard to find it ~ eventually He says, I’ve looked everywhere for that sin, I’ve gone through all the records and it’s not there, all I can see at that time was that you were in Christ… now, that is something I remember really well, it was when my Son Jesus stormed hell and took all of your sins, past, present, and future, and threw them in the sea of my forgetfulness ~ that was a day worth remembering.

It’s quite silly really, that we insist on bringing up sins that God has forgotten. And besides, it’s also just a little bit offensive – our habit of telling God that Jesus didn’t do a good enough job of disposing of our sins.



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