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Q1. “is God good ?”

Happy New Year, welcome to 2012 – the year of renewing our minds !

“is God good ?” seriously, I thought this was going to be a blog with a bit more depth. Of course God is good, otherwise why do we believe in Him ?

Think about this – many Christians say that they believe God is good, but act as if He has a dark side. How often have you heard the statement ‘everything happens for a reason’ ? which implies that God sends us bad stuff to make us into good people… Most of the Christians I know think that God sends them good stuff and bad stuff so that they will eventually mature into grown up Christians, its as if God is giving them a test to see if they can respond in a way that is pleasing to Him.

This question is 1 of 3 questions which we will look at over the next 3 days – these questions form the framework of our entire Christian response to life and the first one, ‘is God good’ is the real make or break one. If I cant get this one right it will effect every aspect of my Christianity. My confidence in my daily walk with God is completely about this question.

Christianity is not a melding of 2 covenants, Law & Grace – it is an abolishing of the old covenant so that God’s kindness and favor can continually and unrelentingly flow through our lives. Eph. 2:15 says that Christ abolished the law with it’s commandments and regulations, Heb. 10:14 says we have been made perfect forever.

God does not send good and bad so that we can participate in His self improvement program, He has already made us perfect through Christ – no more improvement required. Christ died and removed sin from me and now God is completely and irrevocably happy with me. This is a huge leap for some, it sounds presumptuous and disrespectful, but give it time…

so now I live today and forever in the river of life which is teeming with all God’s goodness.




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