Q2. “does God love me ?”

For the second day in a row this question seems a bit too elementary to be a part of a serious blog…

Every Christian knows the general truth about God’s love, we know ‘God is love’ and John 3:16 ‘God so loved the world’ but then we go on to base our self worth in what we do,  how we look, how good a parent we are, our contribution to church or charity. That is because as much as we appreciate the new covenant that came with Christ it is difficult to escape the gravitational pull of the old covenant as we live out our daily lives.

The old covenant has left an indelible imprint on our mind that goes something like this; God’s love flows into my life as I attempt to live a life worthy of Him. The more genuine I am in my devotion and service to God – the more His love and pleasure are released to me. It certainly is the way of the world to function this way and it takes a huge shift in thinking to escape from it. Taking a general truth and making it a personal reality are 2 different things.

The fact is that God’s love is able to flow freely in our lives because Christ released us from the curse that was over us. That curse was a works based practice of performing religious activities – even good ones like prayer, bible study and worship. By satisfying the law’s requirements, Christ has set me free forever from any form of expectation I might think God has of me. In fact the more I try to win God’s favour by doing good, the more I diminish the complete work of Christ.

God say’s; come to me confidently clothed and identified in Christ – when you do that my pleasure and favour are released like a flood.

Imagine God is behind a one way mirror, constantly enjoying you because He views you in perfect union with Christ His precious perfect Son.

Now thats what I call ‘the GOOD news’….




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4 responses to “Q2. “does God love me ?”

  1. Amen! I am free in Christ the old has past, all (of me) is new. If only I could live up to it every day. But that’s what this journey is all about.

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