Q144 ” what about someone who receives Christ but continues to live like an unbeliever ?”

This is a question that is troubling not only for us in this century, but also troubled Paul in the first century.

Firstly, lets say this much;  the moment we believe in the blood of Christ shed for us on the cross – we have eternal life. John 6:47 says “he who believes has everlasting life”.  That means that irrespective of our behaviour, the blood of Christ is effective in saving us, because it is His behaviour not ours, that brings us right standing with God.

In Galations 5, Paul talks about 2 themes, Freedom in Christ & Life by the Spirit. These 2 themes are companions, they are always supposed to travel together. It is only as we see our awesome release from all bondage obtained for us on the cross, that we are energized to live magnificent lives by the Spirit. To attempt to live in such a way without a revelation of Christ is religion at it’s worst – simply dead works.

By talking about the fruit of the Spirit, v22-23, Paul is describing what a life led by the Spirit looks like. He is not saying -‘you need to bear this fruit to qualify as a Christian’ but rather ‘because Christ has already qualified you as a Christian by the blood He shed for you – this is what your life will look like”.

Unfortunately, the Christian church in the western world is so well established now that the very fundamentals of our faith are often lost in programs, culture and traditions. Many Christians rarely talk about the very one who’s name they have adopted as Lord and Saviour. It is as though they know about Him, but they don’t know Him.

In my view it is impossible to live a life that is blatantly un-Christian once we have grasped the magnitude of what Christ accomplished on the cross. It would be like watching a loved one die and then going about your life as if nothing had happened – quite unthinkable.

So my conclusion is this; we must stop playing church! We must stop presenting a gospel that treats the precious shed blood of Christ as if it was only a tragic event that happened 2000 years ago. It is personal, it is to be treasured by each individual, it cannot be treated lightly, if we truly grasp it’s magnitude it will change us forever then we will truly live like a believer.

I’ve been a Christian a long time, but it wasn’t until I stared in awe at the staggering work of the cross that I was  really motivated to live for Him. But now it’s such a joy, not a chore, just to live for Him.




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18 responses to “Q144 ” what about someone who receives Christ but continues to live like an unbeliever ?”

  1. “Christianity is not just a belief system to hold, but a life to be lived.” – Jeremy Camp

  2. I have just been asked this question the other day by a dear brother… To receive the Lord is so easy – you can call on His name, or you believe in your heart after you heard the gospel, etc… But the Christian life is a LIFE together with Christ! It’s one thing to be “saved” and it is so much more to be “much more saved in His life, now that we have been reconciled” (Rom. 5:10).

    Today we as believers need to cooperate with the Lord’s operating in us – we need to grow in life unto maturity!

    If we don’t grow, or if a believer doesn’t grow… there will be the kingdom age, the 1000 year kingdom, when all the immature believers will be perfected by God to become mature sons of God who match Him, who are just like Christ!

    We want that TODAY we would grow in life! Today we want to be those who answer the Lord’s call for overcomers (see Rev. 2-3), who don’t remain in the degraded Christianity but take the lead to enjoy the divine life, grow in life unto maturity, and express Christ in our daily living!

    • Thanks Stephan, I agree we are in a process of growth into maturity. Yet at the same time we are complete in everyway in Christ. It’s as though we are given every good thing necessary for life and Godliness and then the more we see it, the more our earthly lives begin to resemble it. Cheers, G

  3. Living for Christ is a joyous duty! Great post.

  4. Following Christ is a Joyous Duty! Great post.

  5. Perish the thought, even in the land down under (Australia) – I can’t pick up your name from your site? G

  6. Joe Quatrone, Jr.

    Hello Graeme! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I have been blessed by your blog and wanted to share it with others so they will be too.

    • thank you Joe, that is very kind. It is a joy to write on a daily basis about the greatest news ever. I think I would continue doing it even if no one read it because of the blessing I get from putting my thoughts down on paper. Graeme

  7. Beatriz

    Hallelujah for His blood and also for His life in us.
    His living in us will make us His overcomers, is not by our efforts to be “perfect”, “spiritual” or “holy”.
    Today I was enjoying this portion in http://www.agodman.com/blog/taking-the-lead-to-experience-life-how-can-we-enjoy-god-as-our-life/
    and I am very encouraged to follow the Lord according His revelation.

  8. amen. and amen!

    I no longer follow Christ, but rather he lives in me. He drives me.
    much better.

    – grace and peace

  9. My husband was preaching on this topic last week. How we do good works, because of what Christ has done for us, not as a way to “earn” salvation. And I also like how you state that it’s no longer a chore to live for Christ, but now a joy. It truly is a different mind set. Thank you for sharing!

    Samantha @ Living With Real Joy

    • If I am confident that God is already fully satisfied with me because of Christ’s sacrifice, then good works begin to simply overflow like rivers of living water. What a salvation, G

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