Q211 “what’s the most offensive thing a Christian can do?”

Ok, I don’t know the answer if we are talking about whether swearing is worse than lying… or omission is worse than commission.

But I do know that there is one thing that causes the angels to squirm and the demons to laugh  out loud more than anything – ‘when Christians don’t believe in the efficacy of the blood of Jesus‘. It must make the hosts of heaven so frustrated that they could spit when a believer lives no different from an unbeliever, knowing that the blood of Jesus has set them so far apart –(I’m not sure if angels spit).

And it’s not just angels, Rom.8:19 says “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed”, everything created is observing humanity watching and waiting to see who gets it, anticipating the moment when the powerful blood of Jesus exerts it’s mighty energy against a stubborn heart or situation. The created world has eyes, and they are trained on us, waiting to see if we will entrust everything to Jesus.

The most offensive thing a Christian can ever do is to carry in his heart the very Spirit of God, to bear the perfect righteousness of Jesus as a gift of grace, to be hidden with Christ in God… and yet live his life as if this was some sort of heavenly fairy tale, a divine myth that it’s nice to know about, but requires no real personal response.

I am so utterly infused with the blood of Christ that it is more real than a dip into a hot bath at home, how could I live as if this fact was somehow theoretical or metaphorical. The angels must scratch their heads in amazement when they observe us Christians in such a divinely cleansed condition, but living as if nothing has happened.

So, what to do ?

In some respects it is easier to live inoffensively before the eyes of mankind – than the blood of Jesus. The world simply wants us to live decently, but the blood of Christ deserves our life, our soul, our all. In the same way that the blood of those martyred in Rev.6:9 cried out to God for vengeance, so also the blood of Christ cries out to us to believe in it’s life giving power.

By now most readers will know that I’m not one for piling-on condemnation… because, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, we do however have a unique opportunity to live as people who have plunged headlong into the fountain filled with blood. An image that would border on the macabre were it not the very substance of the author of life Himself.

Its the only blood that washes whiter than snow…




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10 responses to “Q211 “what’s the most offensive thing a Christian can do?”

  1. Hello Graeme,
    I have only read a few of your posts so far, and I know that I can learn from from you. The more I learn about Jesus Christ, the more I experience heaven, and maybe some will learn also from me. I have a humble favor to ask. One of my first posts was centered around the Lord’s Supper. It is titled “The Lord’s Supper–a call to unity.” I am wondering whether you would read it, and give me your perspective. Living on different continents, I hope you may give me insight into your meaning of the Lord’s Supper. You can fine my post at wsforchrist.com

    • I read your post and like it a lot, I especially like that you zero’d in on the union that we have with the Spirit of God… as you say we are not God but as in 2 Peter 1:4 ‘we are partakers of the divine nature’. I don’t think we make enough of this truth – it provides us with the essential truth upon which we can build our whole walk with God – Christ In Me. There is nothing that comes close to the revelation, personally I believe that if we took a year off to discover the wonder of this fact it would be a year well spent. I think the primary “call to unity” is to recognise the amazing unity we have with Christ, the unity with the members of His body on earth is the overflow of that first big unity. My advice is to keep digging into the mystery expressed in Ephesians & Colossians; namely Christ. Paul said he chose to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified… if you ask the Father to show you Jesus – a revelation of the union portrayed in Holy Communion will expand before your eyes. Now I’m starting to ramble on… cheers G

      • Thank you so much for reading my post. Your comments, above, help to reassure that I am indeed on the right track. I will study Ephesians and Colossians. You are handier than Google! I am wondering, sir, whether you are a minister by profession? I would love to know which denomination you serve. I wish that I had taken a year off (when I was 5) to delve into the mystery of Christ. Then I would have enjoyed some of these truths throughout my life. I am looking forward to delving into all of your posts. You definitely have something brilliant to share. W.S.

      • my pleasure, I am not a Minister just a regular guy who has been a Christian my whole life, just cruising along until a few years ago I decided to fix my eyes on Jesus, so I asked God to show me Jesus – His work, His accomplishments on the cross. Since that day I have slowly grown in the revelation Paul prayed the Ephesians would receive in his prayer in Eph.chapter 1. Let me say it is never too late to embark on the journey into the revelation of Christ – in fact I hope my blog tomorrow helps. talk soon, Graeme

  2. Hey Graeme, I do think we mostly look in the wrong direction. I am not saying we shouldn’t be careful with our language, behaviour etc. But, what is the good of not cussing but denying the depth of forgiveness and reconciliation that is ours in Jesus the Messiah. Keep writiing bro, amd thanks for the encouragement.

  3. philoangelo

    This is the single most powerful post you’ve ever written, period.

  4. Wow! You knocked it out of the ballpark with this one.
    You know, if there was anything that could make angels spit, I would agree that this would be it.
    How can we, in light of the fact that with God all things are possible, be downcast and defeated by situations? Even the most unrepentant and hard heart can be transformed instantly by the Spirit of God, but we choose to take offense with those people and therefore miss the opportunity to share the power of the blood of Christ with them. Sorry, just trying to comment here and you got me going.
    Amen, brother!

    • Hey, go for it Julia, I’ve been known to do the same thing. I get started commenting and off I go – there is so much to say about Christ and Him crucified. cheers G

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