Q235 “is it possible to be a believer who doesn’t believe?”

This would be a really funny question if it wasn’t so tragic. The hallmark of a believer (Christian) is to believe in the works of Christ. Yet the institution that is broadly called ‘Christianity’ doesn’t always believe in the works of Christ ~ sometimes it just participates in the activities of the organisation known as the church.

It all comes down to our understanding of the word “believe”. We use this word a lot; I believe that children are our future,.. I believe in love,.. I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows,.. I believe that all men are created equal…. There is a difference between these expressions of belief and the Christian meaning;  these are personal values, they are an expression of our deepest opinions, an inner yearning, a firmly held ideal.

Belief, as portrayed in the above paragraph is not the belief portrayed in the bible. Belief in the Christian context is this;To align ones life so fully with the finished work of Christ that no other truth obstructs it’s reality in our lives“. In other words, I am putting all my eggs in Christ’s basket, I am staking my entire existence on Him. There is no plan B, there is no grey area, He is the primary fact that fills my entire screen.

The reality is; that many Christians don’t realize that they do not actually believe in God, they only believe in the ‘idea of God’.

That’s why Hebrews 11:1 says; “being certain of what we do not see” ~ believing is the crazy notion that if God says it, then it is true, even when our circumstances scream out ‘liar’. It is the stuff that causes believers to step forward into an arena of man eating lions, it is the raw material that says ‘I will never bow down to onother God even though you burn me alive’. Yet; we modern Christians seem to have lost the ability to live confidently in the simple statement; “never will I leave you, never will I forsake you”, and so at the first sign of difficulty we blurt out ‘where are you God, I’m having such a bad week?’ … at the outset of trouble we beg, plead, make deals and try to manipulate God anyway we can.

That’s not believing in God, that’s believing in the idea of God.

We all have noble notions of how we would never deny the faith, even under torture we would hold the line for Jesus, they can saw-me-assunder and I wont recount!!! But it’s all a bit silly really,  if we don’t know how to stand strong in God when someone smears our reputation, or leaves us out of their party invitation list.

If he is God we can stand strong in Him ~ if He is just an idea we subscribe to, then we might as well put our trust in the easter bunny.

cheers, Graeme



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18 responses to “Q235 “is it possible to be a believer who doesn’t believe?”

  1. To believe is allowing God to completely saturate every area of our lives.
    Keep the Faith!

  2. That was a great article – you sure did get me thinking – and in a positive way too! Something to ponder over and pray about in my quiet time. I like what Tony added to your article in his comment: “It’s amazing how our belief system changes once we start letting our spirit recieve the truth of Christ. Now I understand what Paul (the Rabbi:) ) meant by “taking captive every thought” and being transformed by “the renewing of our minds”. Blessings! Patty

    • Hi Patty, I love Tony’s take, he has an amazing perspective from his Hebrew roots. I have written this post with ‘renewing the mind’ as my purpose, so I’m very pleased to get you thinking. my best from Australia, cheers G

  3. Well put. The contrast you describe is perfect. I love John 3:36 he who believes, vs he who does not obey!
    Thanks for this.

  4. Could it be that people have made the organization called church their love and never learned how to make Jesus their Love?

    • Hey James, I think that’s exactly it – the organisation has a lot to offer, but it wasn’t meant to offer community etc. above the revelation of Christ and Him crucified. cheers G

  5. oh unbelieving believers.
    oh faithless faiths.
    where didst thou faith gone?

    will Christ thy savior not save thee?
    will Christ thy faith not faith for thee?
    behold not thy faith, but the one how has the faith
    gaze upon Christ and not unto thy Faith
    o ye of little faith!

    LoL. I made this impromptu poem..

    just the title of this post inspired me!

    – grace and peace

  6. Great piece, Graeme! An atheist here on WP asked me how I could believe in all the ridiculous stories in the Bible. I told him that once I felt the love of Jesus in my life, I wanted to believe everything else. It’s amazing how our belief system changes once we start letting our spirit recieve the truth of Christ. Now I understand what Paul (the Rabbi:) ) meant by “taking captive every thought” and being transformed by “the renewing of our minds” Blessings.

  7. Well said, Graeme. Romans 3:3 came to mind as I was reading this. “…Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God? By no means! Let God be true though every one were a liar…” Let the Easter Bunny try that! =)

    • Hi Terrie, I’ve noticed that the more we grasp the grace of God, the more compelled we become to take Him seriously. Freedom brings out the best in us. cheers G

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