Q253 “do we access the benefits of the cross by prayer or by faith?”

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the last few days, each time I get part-way in, and then shelve it… because I want to find the right words to explore this sensitive subject.

But today I will start by jumping in the deep end, here goes; sometimes we pray when we should be exercising faith“. On the face of it this doesn’t seem such a radical statement ~ but wait there’s more ~ “sometimes we shouldn’t pray at all“…. Ok, now you’re starting to scare me ~ isn’t prayer the trademark of Christianity, didn’t God tell us to ‘pray without ceasing’.

Praying without ceasing is that wonderful un-ending communion we have with our Father, it is a dialogue of love and intimacy, made possible when the blood of Christ removed the wall of separation between us and Him. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t pray, I believe communion and fellowship with our Lord is the highest expression of our being ~ and I guess that’s the point I am making ~ we are already in perfect fellowship with the Lord, so that should mean we rest in times of disaster, rather than frantically scrambling to get God involved ~ HE IS INVOLVED.

In short; I am referring to our tendency to run to the Father for help, when He has already placed that help within us ~ the Spirit of Jesus.

It’s interesting that Jesus never criticized His disciples for lack of prayer …(before He was betrayed He was disappointed they couldn’t watch and pray with Him for one hour, but that was more to do with supporting Him in His time of need, than developing a prayer life), yet on numerous occasions He castigates the disciples for their lack of faith.

My gut feeling is that on the whole; “we are strong on prayer, but weak on faith“. We are strong on prayer because we want God to do something, but we are weak on faith because that means we must do something; ~ ‘rest in the sufficiency of the blood of Christ’. Often when we go to God in prayer we are effectively crying out to Him “God you’ve got to do something, we need your help”…. and all the while God is saying; “but you have my help, my Son Jesus broke the power of satan, sin and death over your life 2000 years ago ~ have faith in His work

Resting in the blood of Christ is not a lazy or indifferent response, quite the contrary ~ it is staring calamity in the face and demanding it bow to the blood of Christ, it is standing your ground when your instinct says ‘Run‘ and declaring like Martin Luther; “Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me. Amen!”

the days of great pioneering hearts aren’t finished yet…




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16 responses to “Q253 “do we access the benefits of the cross by prayer or by faith?”

  1. Tony Lollio

    Great piece, Graeme, I really enjoyed this one!

  2. Excellent Graeme! It’s time to correctly define prayer according to what the Word says it is. In my house when the pure Gospel of Grace entered our lives the first thing that the Lord did was to lead us to change the way we prayed. A simple prayer before our meals changed from “God, bless this food to our bodies use…” to “God, thank you for blessing this food to our bodies use…” A prayer of thanksgiving, praying in faith. Praying for things that aren’t as though they are and thanking Him for it.

    Thanks for stating it clearly, Alex

  3. sharpword

    Amen! Amen! this is wonderful, and very true!! Thank you for struggling it out for us all.. And having done all to Stand – Stand!

  4. Ok this is really a great point. It was probably about 12 years ago when someone pointed out to me that Jesus never prayed for people He was healing. He healed them. He prayed to be in communion with His Father etc, but not to do the miracles. He thanked God for the bread then had the boys pass it out.

    I have also often made the point that many Christians say that becoming a Christian begins with the “sinner prayer,” yet Jesus never tells anyone who asks how do i… to pray, He just says follow, or repent and believe, or whaterver, but never pray this prayer.

    Good word dude!

    • Hey Ben, it is such an interesting subject because many Christians come to God based on their desperation rather than confidence in the blood of Christ. cheers dude, G

  5. This is serious! Balanced, simple yet deep! Thank you for sharing what the Lord has revealed to you.

  6. To me Faith is in Christ: Prayer is giving our Jesus His Lordship, permission, to help as His wisdom, power, and prefect Love directs. Prayer is having the faith to listen. Amen! James

    • Thanks James, when we pray we should approach God from the perspective of faith in the blood of Christ, that is what gives us access to Him. Otherwise we are like corks tossed to & fro in the water. Good to talk, cheers G

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