Q363 “when does hope become faith?”

Faith is such an illusive truth ~ it waves its promises in our faces ~ it beacons us with the anticipation of “a new way to live” ~ yet so few live the life it promises, so few discover the deep currents of the Spirit.

Sure we grasp the gift of salvation, the beauty of Christ, the wonder of His love ~ yet “the life of faith” seems to elude our grasp…. to the extend that many settle for its counterpart “a life of hope”. Hope in itself is a good thing, in fact; it is the forerunner to faith ~ but it isn’t faith, and never can be.

Hope springs from the heart of man, faith springs from the heart of God.

There is a generally accepted notion that “living by faith” is immediately ours when we turn to Christ ~ that by leaving behind the old life of faithlessness we automatically become its opposite, “filled with faith”. It’s not so, our salvation is simply that we have ‘stepped into God’s faithfulness’, the life of faith now awaits us… if we can discover its unique rhythms.

It’s not that God is hiding the ‘way of faith’ from us, that He has deliberately made it hard to find ~ its just that it can’t be found when we search for it with our earth glasses on. We need to put on our heaven glasses (like night vision glasses), we can only find it with the eyes of the heart, the vision of the inner man.

Many Christians repeat spiritual truths (they have all of the correct information) ~ but this information hasn’t become revelation because it is still perceived from an earthly perspective. Earth glasses turn spiritual truths into hope, the eyes of the heart turn spiritual truths into faith. And all because of one thing ~ hope, seeks the method for converting spiritual information into reality ~ faith, declares the spiritual information is already reality.

Hope says, “what must I do to receive this spiritual truth”. Faith says, “I have this spiritual truth because of what Christ did“.

In many circles this ‘hope thinking’ masquerades as faith so well, that many folk believe it is faith…. but it isn’t. We can dress-up hope with spiritual talk and rhetoric, we can cloth it with all of the garb of faith so that many people are impressed ~ but it’s still just earth-based ambition.

While hope is attempting to get God’s attention, faith is soaring on the wings of the Spirit… hope seeks while faith rests.

In the end it comes down to this ;

Hope attempts to engage God in the issues of life, it tries to activate spiritual truths through its own resources, it strives to pull the work of Christ into the drama of earth.

Faith declares that God became engaged in the issues of life 2000 years ago, the truths of the Spirit were activated when Christ shed His blood for us, every issue of the earth was nailed to the cross with Christ ~ the drama is hidden in Him not in me.

… such sweet rest, in the work of Christ.




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9 responses to “Q363 “when does hope become faith?”

  1. Hi, Graeme!
    You said, “hope, seeks the method for converting spiritual information into reality ~ faith, declares the spiritual information is already reality.” I understand the distinction and importance. How does one get from hope to faith? (you may have already discussed this – I’m going to read all 365+ posts eventually but for now…).



    • Diane, I cant give a really short answer to this – but let me say this much; we have to step over a line and decide that we have arrived in to the work of Christ once and for all. Hope desires, what faith says is mine – we have to stare at the work of Christ and declare that it was enough, I am free!! We must chose to believe that; it is done, it was for me, I am His – and begin a new way of living in Christ. Christ has done all He can do – now we must rest in the fact that it was enough… lets keep up this conversation, cheers G

  2. danrobb007

    Hope in and of itself is nothing without the object. John 6:47

  3. I think of hope as a head thing..with the 3 w’s bouncing around my brain (wishing,wondering and worring). Faith is a heart thing, it just fills me up and the Holy Spirit guides me along so nice and smoothly, in the faith of Christ.

  4. For me living by faith is a daily, hourly, minute by minute process of yielding my will and my desires to His. It is a step by step, one foot in front of the other kind of obedience to His will for our lives. LIving by faith is a process that begins in our belief in the Lord, grows with our obedience and is blessed by our deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ. Thanks for sharing the inspirational message!

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