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Can I tell you about my book and new blog?

Those of you who dropped in to Mybroom over the course of 2012 will be aware that I posted everyday on the subject of ‘Renewing the Mind’. I asked a question everyday that attempted to identify a characteristic of an un-renewed mind, or a way of thinking that has grown out of the culture we call Christianity ~ (rather than the actual work of Christ itself) ~ and renew that thinking in-line with the work of Christ.

Over the course of the year I enjoyed many conversations with fellow bloggers from around the world, your names have become very familiar and for many of you I can put a face to your name through your Gravatar image. You have been very encouraging and generous with your comments over the year for which I am truly thankful. Some of you went so far as to suggest ‘Mybroom’ should be formatted into a book. That seemed a bit of a stretch at first, but as the year drew to a close it seemed to gain some traction in my own thinking, and also my wife Angela’s.

On finishing the final post and signing off I indicated my intention to see if it could be made to happen. I then set about the long process of editing and re-editing 366 posts each about 500 words long. It turned out to be a task that involved over 160,000 words (about the same number of words as the New Testament) ~ at the same time I began pitching the manuscript to various publishers.

It is so pleasing to say that Arkhouse Press, a Christian publisher out of Sydney Australia will be publishing the book under the title “Hardwired to Christ” in both softback and e-book format. The cover design is complete, sub-editing almost done and first draft due any day, then after final tweeking its off to the printer, and to Amazon for e-book publishing ~ I will keep you posted when it’s available.

I chose the title “Hardwired to Christ” as it seemed to best describe the golden thread of ‘Christ in me’ that passed through my posts.

I’m ready to re-join the blogosphere again now that all this is almost wrapped up. I chose the name “Hardwired to Christ” for my new blog also, it can be found at I hope you will drop by and say hello (maybe even stay for a coffee Kenny). I wont post daily this time, but will post at least weekly in an attempt to de-mystify the greatest mystery of all ~ “Christ in me”. I have also joined the world of facebook under the name “Hardwired to Christ”  feel free to visit … one new form of technology per year is about my limit (blogging last year, facebook this year).

cheers, Graeme


 (click on the above link to get a peek at the book cover)



April 21, 2013 · 7:38 pm