‘Hardwired To Christ’ is a book at last.

Hardwired to Christ_COVER_final-2Regulars to this site will be aware that last year I posted everyday about Renewing our Minds. In itself it has been a great experience to write daily about the adventure of ‘Christ in me’ ~ and the adventure has continued into 2013 as I ground my way through the process of getting 366 blog posts compiled into a daily devotional book.

Well I’m pleased to say that the task is complete and the book now exists in both softback and e-book format. Thankyou to so many of you that encouraged me in this venture. I appreciate so much that you kept pushing (gently), because the outcome of holding a book that reflects my journey with Christ, complete with a glossy cover & 423 pages is very gratifying.

It’s been a process that went differently than I expected, but along the way I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge which I am happy to share with anyone embarking on a similar journey. I chose the option of using a relatively small Australian publisher to edit, sub-edit, design the cover and format for print and electronic publishing. In effect; I paid for their expertise, which has meant that the exercise has been more costly than if you do it all yourself, but I didn’t make as many mistakes that way.

There are still some formatting glitches to resolve, but effectively it’s pretty much as I hoped. For instance; the sub-editor couldn’t cope with my spelling of satan with a lower case ‘s’ ~ and a range of other little issues that will get sorted in due course… like sentences that stop and then start again in the next paragraph. I know you wont judge me on the basis of my formatting, you were all so gracious during 2012 as the posts unfolded daily ~ I don’t think anyone corrected my oft spelling & punctuation mistakes.

I would like to offer you all a free copy ~ but alas I can’t afford that… sorry ~ so if you feel so inclined, you can purchase it by visiting https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/320346 for an electronic copy. It can be downloaded from Smashwords in any of the electronic formats including Kindle, Sony, i-pad and even a PDF version that can be read straight off your computer monitor. I haven’t gotten it onto Amazon yet, still a bit of tweeking to do there, so if you have a kindle it can be downloaded onto your computer first and then transfered across to your kindle by plugging in your USB lead. You will need to open a Smashwords account (which is free) to enable you to get the book.

If you would like a print copy I will post it to you as it wont be available in stores for now ~ (that is a route that was way beyond me).  The cost of the print version is $19.99, plus postage of $5.00 in Australia, and $10.00 in any other country. I’m sorry the cost is so high but I am absorbing the greater share of both print and postage in these prices. 

The way to do this is by using Paypal (you will need to open a Paypal account if you don’t already have one) , here’s the process… log in to your Paypal account ~ click on the tab ‘send money’ ~ in the ‘to’ field enter my email address hardwiredtochrist@mail.com ~ enter the $ amount, including postage ~ then click on ‘pay for goods or services’ ~ and then press ‘continue’ ~ then click on ‘choose shipping address’ and enter your postal address for delivery ~ finalize payment by clicking on ‘send money’. (If you are in Australia pay in $AU, all other countries pay in $US).

Some of you have gone beyond my expectations and requested a signed copy of the book ~ if you would like me to do that (or Angela) just email me at hardwiredtochrist@mail.com

I apologise if this has all become something of a commercial exercise for you, I really dont want anyone to feel in anyway pressured to buy the book ~ I dont want this to become all about me, when it’s really all about Christ ~ you know what I mean.

If you do get a chance to read it feel free to add a review on Smashwords ~ and please give me your feedback, good, bad and indifferent.

I’m going to continue posting about ‘Christ in me’ on my new site http://www.hardwiredtochrist.wordpress.com drop in and say hello.

cheers, Graeme



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8 responses to “‘Hardwired To Christ’ is a book at last.

  1. Congratulations on your book. I was wondering if you had a post about Santa at some point – Is he making a list and checking it twice. I’ve searched for it but cant seem to find it. Any ideas? Ros

    • Hi Ros, One of the ones I deleted, cheers G.
      Q173. “Is God keeping a list?”
      Having entered into the joy of salvation, many Christians spend the rest of their lives in a fearful and frantic state of trying to ensure they don’t lose it. They have tasted the Lord and found that He is indeed good, but their knowledge of the work of Christ is either incomplete or incorrect, and so they focus their efforts on staying in His favour ~ (not losing their salvation).
      For those who have been taught that Christ bore your sins up to the moment you repented and then put the load of obligation to live righteously straight back on our shoulders, I would say this ~ ‘you don’t have to live a moment longer worrying if you are living your life well enough to keep God satisfied’.
      It doesn’t matter how well you live your life ~ you will never be able to maintain your salvation by your good works, our salvation rests squarely on the work of Christ both for its inception and for its maintenance.
      We do not drift in and out of salvation according to whether we have keep our list short and repented of every sin we can think of, No, No, No, we have crossed over from death to life… to think otherwise would be to lift from us the curse of sin, only to place back on us the curse of fear.
      The writer of Hebrews expands on this in chapter 4 and verse 10; he says; “For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own works, just as God did from His”. Have you ever thought that Christ has also rested from His work on the cross? When Christ said; “it is finished” He meant the entire problem of sin was finished for those who fix their eyes on Christ and Him crucified.
      The only thing that remains is for us to live in the assurance of our completed salvation by faith, Hebrews calls this ‘rest’, it is a completely new way of living, one of boldness and confidence, based entirely on Christ. Some will say that I am advocating a license to sin, hardly, I am advocating that we don’t have to sin any longer because Christ has given us righteousness… we are free to live from the sheer joy of knowing that God doesn’t keep a list.
      I’ve tried to live the yo-yo life of pleasing God by watching every step I take, it’s exhausting, it’s crushing, it’s dis-empowering. Now I spend my day focused on Christ’s goodness and not my own, and if I trip up I don’t get stressed, I just rest in the fact that all my failings were crucified with Christ.

  2. Congrats on the publication, Graeme.

  3. Shirley Cooper

    Congrats, Congrats, Congrats both of you. Love, Shirley

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