This is the “Last Post”.

Hi guys,

now don’t form images of some broken down bugler from F-troop trying to form the notes from a tin whistle, this is actually my last post on this site ‘Mybroom’. It’s coming up to a year since I completed my 365 days of Renewing The Mind, and my dashboard is telling me that on 20 December this site will expire unless I renew it… and guess what? I’m not going to! I’ve decided to keep my focus on book writing and bible study and see where that leads.

So my good friends from around the world, it’s so-long! See you in glory! Enjoy your life in Him!

And also; thanks for dropping by. Have a great Christmas with friends, loved ones, family and Jesus.

I don’t want to completely loose contact with you my cyber-friends, and so will send out a weekly (if I’m disciplined) email update. Going forward this will be my means of discussion of the vast subject of ‘Christ and Him crucified’ – and anyone who receives the email can enter into the conversation across the airwaves.

I have been in email contact with some of you over the duration and will ask you direct if you want to be on the mailing list, but I also wanted to make the offer to anyone who has found ‘Mybroom’ helpful and would like to continue the journey. If so; you can respond with a comment to this post within the next 5 days, or email me direct at

This has been a great ride for me… thank you all (yes, all)!!

cheers, Graeme



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8 responses to “This is the “Last Post”.

  1. Thanks for your posts, be well and blessed in Him!

  2. Shirley Cooper

    Yes please more contact:-)

  3. When God directs your life to go on a different path – you go! Many blessings to you and your family and may God always direct your paths. Please do keep me on your email list – the Godly words from many of my friends have helped me keep focused these past few months.

  4. The Lord be with you. Miss your posts.

  5. It’s been nice thinking, chatting and processing with you over the last year or two, Graeme. Blessings! Judy

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